Anna Dennett,
Executive Committee Member

Executive Committee Member Anna Dennett moved to Jersey four and a half years ago to pursue an exciting career, without giving up her work-life balance.

Great reputation

Jersey Water has a great reputation as a good employer. Even before I joined, so many people on the island told me what a great place it is to work. It’s very people-focused and aligns itself to Investors in People, which was a big pull for me. As a senior leader, it’s really important to me that we align what we do and how we do it with what’s best for our people and, ultimately, our customers.

People first

We have amazing technology here, but our people are always going to be our most important asset. We can’t get water running through the taps without people! And the people here are just brilliant. They make it such a really great place to work.

Caring company

We really value and care for people. I could reel off hundreds of stories about the company going above and beyond to look after colleagues.

In our industry, health and safety is most important, but here there’s a real focus on well-being too. When I suggest ideas to the executive board to help our workers or improve our workplace, I’m pushing on an open door.

Career with balance

I’ve learned here that it’s possible to have a career without sacrificing your work-life balance. Family is very important to the company, and colleagues are very conscious that we all have a life outside of work too. We know we provide a vital service to Jersey so we work very hard, but we also have time to enjoy the island.

Lifelong learning

I’ve worked in HR 15 years, but I promised myself that I would keep learning. So, I recently started an employment law qualification, which the company is sponsoring me through. Although I had done courses, and attended conferences, I hadn’t written an essay, or sat an exam for over 10 years, but it’s important to me to set a good example to others and show that everyone has to keep learning.

Special place

My husband moved here first and I followed seven months later. We came from Nottingham, a long way from the sea! We’ve come to love the island. Jersey is very special, an incredibly charming and beautiful place. The people here are so kind and respectful. Jersey Water is special too – it’s the oldest running company on the island, so is steeped in history, very much like Jersey itself.