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We are set up and ready to go for the Farming Conference 2018. Proud to be sponsoring the day #farmingmatters2018 pic.twitter.com/XDcst7PAn7

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Things are heating up – use water wisely

June 29, 2018
UK water companies are urging their customers to save water as the country faces high temperatures and some water suppliers are struggling to keep up […]
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Jersey Water announce 2017 results

March 22, 2018
Jersey Water has released its Preliminary Financial Results for 2017. The Company is reporting a profit for the year of £3.3 million. Water quality for […]
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Frozen pipe advice / Cold weather protection

March 14, 2018
Don’t get caught out by frozen pipes as the temperature drops, take action now. Jersey Water main supplies will not freeze, frozen pipes mostly will occur on your […]
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