Requests for mobile water units and reusable water bottles

Our mobile water units

Our mobile units are a great way to make sure there is water available for people attending/taking part in your event. Plus, it promotes sustainability by encouraging people to refill their own bottle rather than reaching for single use plastics.

On average each year, we provide in the region of 80 units for various events across the Island.

Our price for providing this service is £375. This cost covers our time for supplying, setting up and derigging the unit, as well as the provision of water.

For certain charities or charitable events, we may supply this service free of charge or at a reduced fee, subject to certain criteria and at our discretion.

Our policy is to only provide water units at locations where there is not already an accessible supply of mains water. This applies to both charity and non-charity organisations/events.

We do receive a large number of requests each year for our water units, and we prioritise these on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all requests and we will follow a detailed criteria for the events we do support.

If you would like to request one of our units for your event, we need at least four weeks’ notice and you will need to complete our online form

Our reusable bottles

Our reusable bottles are a firm favourite among Islanders and we get lots of requests for us to supply them for events and to schools, nurseries, clubs, and other organisations.

We are more than happy to provide our bottles in exchange for a donation to our chosen charity. They are £3 per bottle.

If you are a charity, we will supply the bottles free of charge.

Contact us to make your order: [email protected]

Our hydration stations

Every year, our employees fundraise for a local charity. In 2023 we raised more than £34,600 for Teenage Cancer Trust Jersey Appeal.

Our chosen charity for 2024 is MacMillan Jersey.

Our Hydration Station is one of the ways we raise money for our chosen charity; at events we provide members of the public with reusable water bottles and refills in exchange for a donation. You may have seen us at the Boat Show, Out-There, Weekender or CI Pride.

If you would like our Hydration Station at your event, send us a request to [email protected]

Our refill stations

You may already have seen our four airside refill stations at Jersey Airport. We also have an outdoor unit at the Weighbridge.

On a case-by-case basis, we will partner with community groups and parishes on potential future installation sites where appropriate.

Our plan is to roll out a minimum of two outdoor stations each year across the Island at high footfall locations.