Schedule of tariffs and charges 2024

With effect from 1 January 2024.

Metered water tariff

Meter sizeAnnual standing charge†Pence per cubic metre
Up to 25mm£29.22347.68
32mm & 37mm£40.90347.68
75mm & 80mm£94.95347.68

† The standing charge is charged at an equivalent rate per day.

Domestic assessed volume tariff

Number of people in householdQuarterly standing chargeQuarterly assessed consumption (m3)Total water bill*Your estimated monthly budget payments
 * The standing charge is included in the total water bill. The Domestic Assessed Volume Tariff is a fixed charge per occupant of the premises and is charged quarterly in advance. If the number of occupants in your household changes please inform us as soon as possible so your account can be amended. Assessed volume billing is only available where the company is unable to install a water meter on a supply to a domestic property. For further information please contact the Customer Services Department.

Water supplied on an unmeasured basis

Other charges

ServiceQuarterly standing chargeQuarterly charge per £1 of rateable value
Water supply£7.313.386 pence
Administration charge£15
Reconnection charge
- Within working hours£55
- Outside working hours£95
Callout charge
- Within working hours£55
- Outside working hours£95
Call out charges include travel time and up to 30 minutes on site. Additional time is chargeable at standard charge out rates. Call out charges will be waived where the call out arises from a fault for which Jersey Water is responsible.
Legal recovery administration charge
If we have to commence legal proceedings to recover amounts owed you will be liable for the legal recovery administration charge plus our legal fees and court costs.£75
Testing of your water meter at your request
If your water meter is found to be faulty this charge will be waived.£195
Chemical & bacteriological analysis of your mains water
If the analysis indicates that the water supplied by Jersey Water does not meet the standards set down in the Water (Jersey) Law 1972 this charge will be waived. The charge of the test is dependent on what analysis is required.£75 - £200

Other charges are explained within our Terms and Conditions of Supply.

Charges for new connections to water main

Charges for new water connections and permanent disconnections will be subject to a formal quotation. Quotations will be provided free of charge.

Building supplies

Temporary supplies for building sites will be charged on the following basis:

Existing unmetered supply in place – £100 to cover the installation of a water meter. New supply required – Charges for new connections will be subject to a formal quote.

All prices are quoted exclusive of the Goods and services Tax (‘GST’) at the applicable rate.

All prices are quoted exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (‘GST’) at the applicable rate.

PDF Version – Schedule of tariffs and charges 2024