Sustainability isn’t a destination: it’s a journey.

At Jersey Water, we’re committed to reducing our impact to create lasting environmental change.

We’ve installed four water refill stations at Jersey Airport, encouraging people to reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution by filling up their own water bottles for free. Each station acts as a practical solution to single-use plastics and a reminder that small and simple changes can make a big difference for the environment. 

To accompany the refill stations, we’ve created a public art installation that captures the spirit of Jersey, celebrating all that our island has to offer. Constructed from fully recyclable and zero waste materials, this installation represents our dedication to protecting the planet.  

These water refill stations mark the start of our longer-term plans to install outdoor refill points at high-footfall locations around the Island. Our commitment is to deliver a minimum of two stations every year. We already have one outdoor point at the Weighbridge.  

Watch this space for more refill updates! 

We believe that it is crucial for all businesses to implement sustainable practices that prioritise people and planet, while also holding themselves accountable for any negative impacts that remain.

Right now, we are reviewing all our operations and informing our sustainability strategy. The goal is to deliver our services in the most environmentally responsible way possible, so we can fulfil our purpose: supplying the water for our island to thrive, today and every day. We are committed to monitoring key metrics to ensure we stay on track.

Sustainability is a collaborative journey. We can’t do it alone. Our intent is to be honest and transparent, openly sharing our successes, setbacks, and learnings, for the benefit of our people, our island and our planet. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.