Save water at work

Reducing water consumption will save your business money and help you operate more efficiently. Being an efficient water user will help you to promote a more environmentally friendly image.

Monitor your consumption - most businesses are metered so you can check how much you are using.
Fill a jug of water and keep it in the fridge, instead of leaving the tap running to get cool.
Consider installing spray type taps and showers that turn off automatically.
Fill a kettle with only the amount you need.
Avoid leaving the tap running when you wash your hands.
If your office has a dual flush installed, use the shorter flush whenever possible.

Most businesses are metered so the information on how much water you use will be on your bill. If you are not metered, get one fitted. For more information on metering please contact the Customer Services Department.

By monitoring your consumption you will be better placed to highlight unusual levels of water use so that you can take action more quickly. This could save you a considerable sum of money if there is a leak on your system.

Consider installing spray type taps and showers that turn off automatically.

Install dual-flush toilets.

Consider plumbed in water heaters that provide boiling water for hot drinks on tap.

Protect pipework from damage and frost.

Use water-efficient appliances.

Include polite water conservation notices in toilets, cloakrooms, staffrooms, canteens and visitor facilities and educate staff on how to be more water-efficient.

Consider undertaking an environmental audit. This will help you to assess whether your business makes the best, most efficient use of water and energy (hot water).

Urinal controls can be retrofitted to existing urinals, ensuring that the cistern only flushes during office hours, or after use, rather than continuously.

Install rainwater harvesting systems, which collect rainwater from roofs or large paved areas such as car parks. The collected water can be used for toilet flushing or washing vehicles.

Using Water Wisely At Work
You can download our water saving tips for your work in a handy guide: