JSPCA Coronavirus Urgent Appeal

Please help us raise £10,000

Help us to help them

Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Our employee nominated charities for 2021 are the JSPCA and Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group.

During the pandemic, most of the Jersey Water fundraising events have been cancelled but we hope to be able to attend events with our Hydration Station to fundraise, such as Out There at Val de la Mare this summer.

But we need to provide help now.

The JSPCA receives no state funding and solely rely on the generosity of Jersey islanders to enable them to run the Animals’ Shelter and now, more than ever, they need our help.

The dedicated animal care teams, vets and 24 hour ambulance drivers at the Animals’ Shelter have continued to work during the pandemic. They continue to help the animals and wildlife who are sick, injured, lost and abandoned.

For every £1 that you donate we will match it, up to a maximum of £10,000. Meaning we could be raising £20,000 which would make a huge difference to this charity’s great work.

We will also be making a donation to the Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group.


JSPCA Animals’ Shelter

The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter provides a large range of services in the field of animal care and welfare, offering help and advice for all  members of the public.

The situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to change but one thing that will remain is our priority to help animals in need.

With our 24 hour ambulance service, on site vets and committed animal care teams, we continue to do everything we can to rescue, rehabilitate and care for the wildlife and animals that need our support. 

Our services include:

• 24 hour ambulance service
• Lost and found service
• Rehoming
• Cat Boarding Facility
• Rescue and Rehabilitation of injured wildlife
• Education
• Pet Crematorium and Cemetery
• JSPCA Bereavement Service

For more information about the JSPCA visit jspca.org.je 


Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group

The Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group rescues rehabilitates and releases hedgehogs back into the wild.

Their aim is to increase public awareness about hedgehogs in Jersey and the dangers they face living in a small Island so near to humans and all the hazards they cause for wildlife.

Fore more information about the Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group visit jerseyhedgehogs.co.uk