Carl Vardon,
Meter Reading Team Leader

Carl Vardon joined over 10 years ago and, with encouragement and support from Jersey Water, has worked his way up to a management role.

Brilliant team

I love my job. Even though I’ve been here a long time, I still get up in the morning and look forward to going to work. I’ve got a brilliant team and work with a great bunch of people. There’s a real family feel here. Everyone just wants to help everyone else, and Jersey Water really look after their people.

Important work

We’ve got about 36,000 meters on Jersey and I’m responsible for scheduling when we read them, how we read them and who reads them. It’s important because a high reading could indicate a leak. We’re trialling smart meters, which will take readings every hour, so we’ll have an even better view of water usage on the island. It’s an exciting time for me because I love technology and there’s lots of innovations coming through at the moment.

Trusted to lead

One of the best bits about working here is being trusted to get on with your job and make decisions. You’re given the responsibility to do what you feel is right for your team and your customers. The senior management team are very supportive. There’s no blame culture here and they’re always encouraging.

Career progression

I began as a meter reader and have worked my way up. Now, I’m starting a level three management course. Jersey Water has seen something in me and helped me with my career development. They’ve given me so much self-belief in what I’m capable of doing. I never would have imagined myself in this position when I left school with no qualifications.