Harry Batho,
Accounts Payable Administrator

Harry Batho joined as a trainee more than a decade ago and thinks of the company as like a family.

Beach commute

I cycle along the beach to work every day. It’s a seven-and-a-half-mile ride, which is quite far for Jersey as the island’s only nine miles from one end to the other! And the first half of the journey is along a beautiful stretch of beach. We’ve got great shower facilities and changing rooms at the office, which is great.

Lifelong friends and colleagues

I’ve worked here over 12 years. I joined straight out of college as a trainee. I love the company. I always think of it as a kind of family. Everyone knows each other and we often socialise outside of work. That helps me feel connected to the company and I’ve made lifelong friends here.

Fun days

I’m the chair of the social committee. We recently held out annual family beach day for partners and children, with a barbecue and beach volleyball. Great fun! We try to organise five to six events a year. We get a good turnout from colleagues, particularly from the new starters as it’s a brilliant way to meet people.

Relaxed living

I’ve lived on the island my whole life. I was born and raised on Jersey, as were my parents and grandparents. So, I’ve got lots of friends and family here. But even if you’re new to the island, it’s a friendly and relaxed place to live. I don’t think I’ll ever leave – there’s nowhere better!

Calm culture

Work-life balance is important here. Sometimes work can be all hands on deck, but generally it’s not long hours. There’s no culture of having to work overtime. Mostly I can leave the office on time – ready for a nice cycle home, although on the way home it’s all up hill!