Jeanette Sheldon,
Water Quality Manager

After 25-plus years in the industry, Jeanette Sheldon was looking for a new challenge and a new adventure.

More adventure

My husband and I were looking to do something different and decided now was the right time of life to be more adventurous. So, we moved to Jersey. We’d been here once before sailing and that was enough for us to know we’d love it here! We’re big sailors and enjoy diving so the whole culture and environment here was appealing.

Fresh start

I manage a small team responsible for sampling, analysing the water and providing operational support, to ensure the drinking water is safe to drink. I started my career with Thames Water in research and development before moving into operational science roles. I then spent three years with the Drinking Water Inspectorate, before moving to South East Water, in a similar role to the one I’m doing now.

Diversity of role

Jersey Water is a smaller company and I’ve found there’s more variety in what I’m doing and this was something I was looking for in a new role. There’s lots to learn and I am enjoying getting involved in different projects, which is great.

Caring people

All the people here have been amazing. Everyone on the Island is so friendly and kind, particularly those at Jersey Water. There’s a lot of new things to learn when you move to a new place, of course, but the people here have made the move much easier for both of us.

Quality of life

When we lived in England, it would take us two hours to reach the sea, but now we can be at the coast in 20 minutes. That makes getting out in the evenings so much easier. We can go diving whenever we like and, since we’ve moved here, we’ve really enjoyed going on walks – the scenery here is just beautiful.