Water is becoming more precious than ever. In Jersey, we rely on the collection of rain water for most of the mains water supplied.

Report any leaks or drips you find to a teacher. Even a small leak can waste a lot of water.
Your brain is made up of 85% water. Water is needed for brain activity.
A good way to recycle water is to use dish water on your garden.
Don’t leave taps running. Make sure the tap is turned off when you’ve used it.
When somebody is making a hot drink with a kettle, remind them to only boil the water they need.
In domestic science classes. Wash vegetables in a bowl of water, not in running water.

Don’t leave taps running
Make sure the tap is properly turned off when you’ve used it.

If you clean your teeth at school
Don’t leave the tap running full blast while you are making your molars sparkle!

In domestic science classes
Wash vegetables in a bowl of water, not in running water. If you’re washing up dishes or equipment, use the plug to fill up the sink and don’t leave the tap running.

Choose water as a school project
Use this website to give you and your school all the information you need to be water wise!

The way you help to conserve water now will make a difference to the world you will live in tomorrow. It’s cool to care for the environment – and that’s just what you’re doing by being smart about using water.

Do you know how your total total water consumption is used in your school?

Approximately 60% is used to flush the toilets

Approximately 25% is used for washing

Approximately 10% is used by the canteen

Only about 1% is actually used for drinking

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