Mark Bowden,
Asset Manager

Mark Bowden moved from Manchester with family in tow and quickly settled into work and island life.

Grab the opportunity

I’d never been to Jersey before. My hometown is Manchester, where I lived for 40 years before moving to Jersey in 2016. I’ve always worked in the water industry, so when an opportunity came up here, I decided to grab it. Being able to live near the coast rather than in land-locked Manchester was too tempting an offer!

Relocation without hassle

Sometimes you’ve got to be brave and try something different. I moved with my wife and two kids – the eldest was just finishing primary school so it seemed like a good time. We had some help with relocation from the company and we also used a relocation consultant. The only hiccup was when our stuff got delayed due to a storm! But other than that, it went really smoothly.

Great career and family life

The whole family settled in quickly. Obviously, there was a bit of apprehension, but we definitely made the right decision. Everyone at Jersey Water was really welcoming and friendly, and the children settled into school. Now, my son has finished school and has an apprenticeship on the island. My wife has also carved out a career for herself working in the hospital. There’s a really high employment rate on Jersey, so people can find good jobs and make opportunities for themselves.

Happy and successful

Moving here has given me the confidence that you can throw everything up in the air, land in a different place and still be happy and successful. I enjoyed my life in Manchester, but Jersey is a completely different lifestyle and environment. I used to spend a lot of time on the motorway, but now it’s an easy commute and I can be on the beach within half an hour of leaving work.

Opportunities to develop

Working at a smaller company has real benefits. You get the opportunities to work across more areas in the business and have more responsibility. You are given a certain amount of latitude and freedom to develop the areas that you’re interested in. Also, with a smaller team you know everyone’s name, so it’s much easier to get things done!